Why acharya is the most powerful survey app?
Most of the surveys tools were built to marketing issues like elections or quality control. The database is very Basic and it gives only simple indexes.
Acharya was built direct to help companies, it’s an inside survey which helps and increase the performance and efficiency in some complex tasks that requires to be outside the Office.
How it can be better then others?
Acharya was contruct under the user perspective!
The team strongly studied usability, giving extra tools like “navigation” and “measure it” in order to make better quality and comfort to the user.
How does it work?
Acharya performs surveys, but unlikely any other survey app, its “Set up tool” is directed to companies performance or individual entrepreneurs. It is more complex and some surveys must have customer support, but no other application in the market can perform anything that Acharya does.
Which features comes in Acharya?
It comes with some additional features such as Navigation, Eye Snyper, Measure it and Set up tool, which helps to make a very complex app.
Won’t that be to heavy, my tablet doesn’t have too much space?
It’s not heavy at all; the application works with cloud support and doesn’t require to use not even 10mb of your memory card. It’s less then an iphone photo!
But does it stores all in a cloud?
Yes and no! It stores also local but only what we want and depends of the business package.
How much it costs?
Basic plan is free!
Acharya is free for all who use the set up tool freely to any purpose; you can make 1 million surveys for free. There are other package programs like customize reports, total backup and Cloud independence.
How much does it costs then the business plan?
Both Customize reports and cloud independence are negotiated by client situation.
Cloud 100% Backup means that all surveys are stored in the cloud and it starts with simple 10€/month for 20Gb (between 2000 surveys) too unlimited plan 200€/month.
For security issues, my company doesn’t want software that works in other servers then it’s own, is there any solution?
YES! Of course! The Cloud independence business program it’s the integration of the app inside the client company own server (Windows or Linux).
What about custom reports?
Custom reports are very common in some areas such as real estate surveys from banking and insurance companies that have their own custom form. In these cases we can’t use the Set up tool, therefore we need to customize directly to the client.
What about the features?
All features are totally free!
Navigation right now is only giving the GPS position in the report, however, soon we will be able to plan our trips synced with navigation apps from client device.
Measure it is the coolest tool of Acharya and wonderful for energy and real estate surveyors. It gives the possibility to measure a blue print pdf or image of a house or place and calculate directly to our survey.
EyeSnyper is a quality control feature that gives a report for the administrator of his surveyors. It’s very important when company has a lot of workers in the field and it’s too difficult to handle their performance.
Set up tool it’s a feature that allows independence to the user create is own surveys.
Can I use Acharya into my crm or my web page?
Yes! In certain situations as most of the CRM’s like PHC, Acharya offers immediately sync support.